We see it all the time in home magazines and home improvement shows.  That one piece on the wall that makes “a statement” and makes the 4 walls of the house a home.  It is often subtle, but it is the one piece that during the big reveal the homeowners go crazy about.  It could be anything; an antique find, a piece of jewelry, art, treasured photograph, lock of hair, item of clothing, a collection of anything (butterflies, spoons, keys, jewelry, etc) and the list goes on and on.  In fact the possibilities are endless!

But it does amaze me how much some of these pieces cost at high street stores or décor websites.  For not a lot more money (and in some cases, the same or cheaper), you could have something so much more special!  Sure, take ideas and designs from the magazines, shows and Pinterest!  But also, make them your own!  We can help you create a highly individualistic piece that no one else is likely to have hanging in their home!

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