Lots of places do custom framing, but is it really custom for you? If you visit a true custom framer, it should be all about you. Does your framer ask a lot of questions about the art, the story behind it, what your taste is, what colors you are attracted to?

It’s important! Some of the big box chain stores offer custom framing, but it is only about what they think you should have. And then they sell you no choices. It’s about their ideas and your wallet.

A true custom framer will give you choices. Here at 4 Leaf Framing, we (that’s Mike or Janet) will display different mat colors to see what you like. We’ll take the time to show you different frame options.  We have fun with you exploring different options and finding that just right look that is both current and timeless.

Remember, we are a locally owned company, which means you will see the same friendly faces each and every time you stop into our store!

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