Framing a sports jersey or other sports clothing is very popular but people are often shocked at how much it can cost, especially at a “big box store”.  I’ll aim to give you an insight into why it costs what it does and will let you know that our prices at 4 Leaf Framing cannot be touched!  It’s worth bearing in mind that paying the money to have it done correctly, especially if it’s signed, could make it more valuable in the future for collectors.

11800381_1602078263380766_1944840227951743233_nWe see it all here, jerseys, shirts, dresses, bats, medals, Olympic Torch, and yes, even a “jock strap”!  People get the strangest things framed (which is why we love doing it!).

Apparently, you can buy “readymade” frames to fit your jersey into, I’ve never used one, but knowing how difficult it can be to get a garment straight, stretched and secured properly, it’s not something I would take on without experience!  And by the time you take into account the cost of the “readymade” frame, the items you need to purchase to secure the jersey, your time and frustration (because it will probably take you 2 or 3 times to get it right), you mind as well have come to 4 Leaf Framing and had it AFFORDABLY and PROFESSIONALLY done the first time!

At 4 Leaf Framing, each item that is brought to us is CUSTOM designed and framed for that customer, therefore, the cost will vary dependent on the size of the piece and what “extras” you would like.  Questions we will ask are:

  • How do you want it displayed?
    • Front or back showing (if there is a signature, always that side)?
    • Whole Jersey, fold up the bottom, sleeve numbers to show or fold them?
  • What color do you want the mat board to be?
  • Would you like to add something with the jersey?
    • A picture or multiple pictures?
    • Newspaper clippings?
    • Ticket Stub?
    • Metal?
    • Would you like a custom plate?

DSC_0593The materials we use for our framing are top-quality materials, acid-free mats and adhesives and secured in a way that will not damage the item.  The part that takes up the most time and therefore costs money is stretching, straightening and securing the piece before the framing is even thought about.  As a general rule this type of framing job can take anywhere from 2 hours to a whole day depending on what’s being done, how heavy, or what material the garment is made out of etc.

IMG_2457Apart from the time it takes to get the shirt looking right, part of the cost is attributed to the depth/size of frame needed to house the item.  Normally, you would need a fairly deep frame.  If you think about it, you’ll have quite a bit of material to fit in, not to mention the thickness of glass, the backing and mount surround.  So usually the frame would be more of a shadowbox to allow room.

The options are endless, which is why we typically cannot give you an exact price until the options are discussed fully and would need to see the piece to make an accurate quote.  So stop by 4 Leaf Framing today and let us help you properly preserve your memories.

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