Milky Way FarmsIf you are trying to decide between a $25 ready-made frame and a $55 custom frame from 4 Leaf Framing, you may wonder what makes our custom frames worth the extra $30. We’ve got three reasons:

  1. custom frames protect your art better and longer,
  2. custom frames always look better on your wall,
  3. framing with us gives you access to framing experts.

Whether you’re framing a $20 concert poster, a $1,000 limited edition photograph or your priceless wedding photos; that art is a reflection of you, your tastes, and your story. A custom frame is the only way to ensure that your art will be preserved for generations to come, and to ensure that your art lasts a lifetime, 4 Leaf Framing only uses acid-free mats and kraft paper backing, in addition to being able to provide UV/Conversation glass.

Custom frames also look better, and make your art look better, too.  Ever purchase an 8×10 plastic ready-made frame for your 8×10 photograph or art, only to find that you’ve got to force it into the frame, creating bubbles and distortions in the image? Not a great look!

When you come to 4 Leaf Framing, we will help you pick the right frame and matting for your art from our over 85 frame choices and over 125 mat color choices. Each custom frame is then hand-assembled in our frame shop specifically for your art, ensuring the perfect fit.

Our turnaround time is typically 2 weeks, but many times projects are completed within a week’s time. No project is ever too big or too small. Stop by 4 Leaf Framing today and let us help you with all your framing needs.

(Framing prices are based on the item brought.  The framed print pictured is not reflective of the pricing mentioned in this post.)

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