Customer’s Testimonial

4-Leaf Framing is a framing service like no other. The owner, Mike, is more than a picture framer…he’s an artisan! Mike has the rare ability to take a customer’s vision and turn it into a finished work of art! From start to finish, the service he provided was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before with a framer. My first encounter with 4-Leaf Framing began with a hesitant phone call, during which Mike’s warm, personable, eager-to-please nature came through loud and clear. I had a challenging framing job involving a painting I’d done on wood. I honestly didn’t believe it could be framed without becoming too bulky or too heavy to hang. Stylistically, I wanted a frame to match my contemporary decor without losing the natural element. Mike tackled with ease what I’d thought would be a challenging job. He assured me it was a simple task for him to turn my vision into a reality, as he rapidly laid out various options—all of them beautiful—and patiently explained how he’d handle the mechanical “snags.” The end result was exactly what I’d envisioned! The frame is a perfect match for my bedroom furniture, and Mike’s workmanship is superb. The icing on the cake was when Mike quoted the price for his labors—surprisingly low!
“Transitioning from a successful career in corporate America to a creative career in framing, its clear that Mike has found his calling—and he performs it magnificently!”

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