It’s one of the first questions we will ask a customer when choosing a frame design – “What style is your home?” It’s amazing how many people don’t know the answer. I hear a lot of “I’ll know it when I see it.” Your style is reflected in most everything that you choose for yourself: items for your home, clothing, accessories, food, restaurants, stores where you prefer to shop. It’s time to put that style into words.

Below are several images of picture frames, all very different styles. Pick which frames you like best and see if the description of that style suits you. This is a fun little quiz that just may give you a name to your style!

1. Ornate – Were you the first of your friends to start using the term “bling”? Do you scoff at the phrase “less is more”? This frame is heavily ornamented with a deep silver finish. It’s like sending your artwork into Tiffany’s with a charge card.




2. Bold – Can you be found thumbing through the latest “Vogue” and diving into the latest trends with the fearlessness of a model walking in 10 inch platform stilettos? Consider yourself bold! This black “leather” frame is perfect for you!

Mountain Cabin


3. Mountain Cabin – This frame shows off the amazing grain of the wood itself. It is a favorite with people who appreciate the natural beauty of wood. Watch out for that cougar!





4. Renaissance – Do you own a pointy princess hat? Or a dragon collection? This heavily ornamented frame is carved as beautifully as the wooden door on a castle in the forest with the feel that was hand finished in Italy by Italian artisans and hardworking fairies.

Rustic 1


5. Rustic – Do you like the idea of ripping slats off of a barn and using them to decorate your home? Do you use the terms “upcycling” and “repurposing”? This frame literally gives me slivers when I work with it. It’s a raw as you can get.



6. Romantic – Ok be honest, how many romantic comedy DVDs do you own? You know they’re all the same story, right? Ok, ok, I won’t argue! You romantics never give up. This beautiful frame is perfect for falling in love.



7. Contemporary – Does it seems like inanimate objects are yelling at you with all of their ornamentation? This frame is quiet, sleek and refined like a fine piece of modern art. For art that wants to be noticed and silently framed in simplicity and grace.




8. Traditional – Have you eaten the same breakfast every day since you can remember? Always stick with something that’s tried and true. Traditional framing has framed art for hundreds of years beautifully, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (don’t worry!).


Did you find your style? Or maybe some new styles you’d like to try? Whatever your style is – give it a name so that the next time someone asks you’ll know just the answer.  And know, that whatever your style, 4 Leaf Framing has the the right framing solution for you at affordable prices.  Stop by and see us today.

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