12644794_10153345194776961_1204131473915704315_nThe other day, we happened upon this amazing story on social media.  This is truly why we do what we do and why we love doing what we do!  Make the items you bring into your home tell a story.  Whether military metals and honors, awards and certificates, photos, or a dress – let us help you showcase your story.

“Several years into our marriage I was cleaning out my closet when I tossed this dress in the give away pile. My normally non-sentimental husband shocked me when he said, “You’re not giving that dress away, right? That’s the dress you were wearing when I fell in love with you.” Wow.  Needless to say, I saved the dress. For years it was tucked in the back of my closet. Then when we redecorated a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted the artwork in our home to mean something. To tell the story of us. So, I pulled the dress out of the back of the closet, framed it, and put a little plaque on the bottom that reads, “Our story begins here.” And I put it by the front door where I’d always see it coming and going.  Love isn’t always easy. But it is beautiful. An amazing choice. A gift from God.  A gift I got one day while wearing a polka dot dress.”  – Lysa TerKeurst Proverbs 31 Ministries

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